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Engine Cross Section

Progress Report March 31, 2016

Monolith Engines Inc. has just received 2 new Gen 4 engine blocks from Tooling & Equipment International.  The engine blocks were made with TEI’s 3-D mold printing process.  The engine blocks are now at Miro Manufacturing. where they will be machined and will be assembled into a working unit.  From there the assembled engine will go to Control Systems Inc.   The first tests will only be run to evaluate the two inside pistons in a fuel injected throttle body design.  Once that test proves the workings of the Gen 4 mechanics, direct inject fuel injectors will be placed in the engine and the entire engine will be performance tested.  To the left is a new cast engine block to be used in the assembly.  The present design will be 1.2 l but the engine housing can accommodate a 2.0 l design.  The block came in at 41 lbs. which means the entire engine for the 2.0 l design will be just over 80 lbs.

Note to all stock holders:  The present stock value still is assessed at $.001 a share.  After the final testing of the engine, this year, Monolith Engines will set a new value of Monolith stock.  At that time we will sell an additional 200,000 shares to raise capital for the advanced testing and marketing of the product.  At this point you may sell all or part of your holdings.  Information on this sale of stock will take place after October 1, 2016 and before Dec 22, 2016.



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