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Exhaust and Intake Manifolds

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Progress Report March 31, 2017

Monolith Engines Inc. has finished tooling of its engine block at Miro Manufacturing where it has partnered with Miro to do all of its tooling and assembly work. (see this article for details on the actual tooling and the before and after pictures of the engine block)  Monolith has also signed an agreement with an engine evaluation company to do a computer evaluation, with Solidworks’ drawings, prior to assembly of the engine.  All engine components have now been molded and tooled and are ready for assembly.  Only the exhaust pipes are yet to be finalized based on the evaluation company’s recommendations.  It is expected that we will have this  study completed in late spring and assembly will then begin at Miro Manufacturing.

Monolith Engines’ engine block was shown at the SAE, presented by the molder TEI, where Motor Trend Magazine saw the engine block and did an article on the product. (see this article for details of their article on Monolith and other noted products at that show)

Over the past year engineers at Monolith and Miro did have to solve a number of problems with how to install the inner pistons and how to get oil to the piston rings.  Both problems were resolved and the engine block was retooled to accomplish these requirements.

Message to stockholders:  Monolith Engines Inc. has now acquired enough funding through organic growth to complete its testing and evaluation of the first prototype. Sale of stock is not necessary to finish this first level of product development.



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